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LAN Network is an advanced blockchain that hosts businesses, services and consumer applications in various domains.

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  • LAN Network

    LAN Network (Layer 1) aims to utilize the power of blockchain and will serve as an alternative to traditional EVM-based platforms and will carry out transactions on distributed ledger technology, which is a decentralized digital database.

    Unique Advantages

    • Improved speed of transactions
    • Faster transaction outputs
    • Increased scalability
    • Compact block size
    • Lower transaction fees
    • Cross-Chain
  • WASL (Layer 2) is a new unique platform that enables trusted applications to connect through secured chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc WASL acts as the pathway for consumers to experience the entire LAN ecosystem.

  • dApps is short for decentralized applications which means it is not controlled by a single organization and they are playing a vital role in the world of blockchain. These decentralized applications operate on a blockchain network in a public, open-source, and decentralized environment that is free of central control and influence.

  • WASL platform will boost a unique reward system for the users of its ecosystem. Opportunity to earn rewards in NFTs, Tokens and Airdrops within the LAN ecosystem through daily logins, staking, ecosystem action rewards, and dApps

  • A non-fungible token is also known as NFT. An NFT is a digital asset that binds ownership to unique physical or digital assets, such as pieces of art, real estate, music, or movies, at its most basic level. They’re bought and sold online, and represent a digital proof of ownership of any given item.


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Looking for an exhilarating way to play? Look no further than LAN!

Our unique ecosystem rewards players with tokens and NFTs for their participation. So come on in and start earning!