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WASL Platform

WASL (Layer 2) is a new unique platform that enables trusted applications to connect through secured chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc WASL acts as the pathway for consumers to experience the entire LAN ecosystem.

WASL Connections

Platform architecture overview

WASL platform is a level of abstraction that hides the technical specifics of a communication channel and acts as a network user interface. The WASL is responsible for abstracting (or hiding) a system’s operations so that end users may get the most out of it. HTTP, for example, is a primary layer that only developers understand, whereas web pages are application layers that users may interact with easily.

WASL Platform can be segregated into two major sub-layers application and execution depending on a given dApps use case. APIs, user interfaces (UIs), and scripts are the key components of the application section, which deals with user-facing apps aimed to enable user interactions with multiple blockchains. APIs are used by dApps in this category to interface with the LAN network. The execution layer, on the other hand, is responsible for the rules and smart contracts. As a result, it houses the code that powers the program. During execution, the intersection of the two levels appears.

WASL Platform and LAN Ecosystem Rewards

WASL platform will boost a unique reward system for the users of its ecosystem. Opportunity to earn rewards in NFTs, Tokens and Airdrops within the LAN ecosystem through daily logins, staking, ecosystem action rewards, and dApps.

Fusion Laboratory

While you do get the rewards in broken-down NFT collectibles using the WASL Platform and LAN ecosystem, Here in the laboratory you can combine multiple rewards into bigger rewards which can be claimed from the reward portal. For e.g. 10 level 1 rewards can be combined into level 2 rewards which in turn can be combined to higher levels up to level 10. The reward portal will have different offers for different levels. The higher the level the rarer the reward gets.