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LAN Token, Coin

Initially released as a token before the mainnet launch on chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, this token has various use cases within the LAN ecosystem. After the launch of mainnet the token is bridged with the mainnet coin where it’s swapped for on-chain transactions. While the token will continue to exist on all other chains it has been created with the help of two way bridge to cap the supply to a max of 750,000,000 across all the chains. The use cases for the tokens will be listed below and are not limited to:

  • Network transaction fee
  • Payments for NFTs
  • Payment for In-game purchases
  • Swap fee
  • NFTs mint fee
  • Token Mint fee
  • Staking for Authority nodes
  • Staking for Data nodes
  • Collaterals
  • Governance

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

DAO is the short-term used for decentralized autonomous organizations which are groups with tasks coordinated via rules implemented in the blockchain. The main advantage of DAO are its transparency as funds and actions are visible to everyone.

There are many usecases some of them are loan apps, collaborative funds, and voting mechanisms creating a large trust-less ecosystem of organizations in DeFi, NFTs, Utilities and other segments. WASL Platform will inherit many traits of being a DAO.

Products On Blockchain

Blockchain and NFTs have given a new chance to product ownership with digital certification. A digital environment where real world physical products like art, properties, collectibles, digital products like software, licenses, and virtual products of a metaverse universe live parallel on blockchain technology.

Non Fungible Tokens

A Non-fungible token is also known as NFT. An NFT is a digital asset that binds ownership to unique physical or digital assets, such as pieces of art, real estate, music, or movies, at its most basic level. They are bought and sold online and represent digital proof of ownership of any given item.

Some of the applications of NFTs on WASL will be

  • NFT Collection

    A set of specially curated NFTs will go on sale exclusively to the users of the WASL platform

    • NFT Marketplace
    • NFT minting
    • NFT swap
    • NFT showcase

Smart Defi Wallet

LAN wallet is a smart and secure wallet for various supported chains. It provides an end-to-end secured audited platform that simplifies cryptocurrency storage. LAN wallet is designed for web-wallet, iOS and Android, providing the best user experience.

  • Storage

    Easily use your access wallet with user-friendly UI to hold your assets like Coins, Tokens, NFTs and much more.

    • Swap
    • Defi
    • Remittance
    • Insurance


Games are not only played for fun but they also act as tools of interaction, and socializing and make tasks fun. Games can be played alone or along with large communities from around the world. Many games help in the development of practical skills, and also serve as educational, simulations, physical and psychological exercises. Play to earn is a format where a person can gain tokens or coins within the game environment by doing required activities, participating in competitions and even rewarding fellow players while spectating their gameplay.

  • In-Game Items

    Upgrades and other features will be available to be purchased with tokens.

    • NFT Rewards
    • Competitions

Decentralized Applications

dApps is short for decentralized applications which means it is not controlled by a single organization and they are playing a vital role in the world of blockchain. These decentralized applications operate on a blockchain network in a public, open-source, and decentralized environment that is free of central control and influence.


Launchpad will help projects being developed on LAN network with various services at its disposal. It will not only act as an incubator but provide all end-to-end services.

Some of the services are listed below

  • Consultation

    Providing guidance to existing, new and upcoming projects

    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Legal and compliance

Development Apex

A dedicated and fun place for the developer community to hang around.

  • Mint tokens

    Create your coin with just one execution.

    • API
    • SDKs
    • Developers forum
    • Developers notes